The Beauty of Heaven
Im Rebecca, I'm 19 years old and I follow Jesus Christ! He is my Lord and Savior and i will worship him until the end of my days <3 Singing for the Lord is my PASSION, laughing is what i do best! I love to worship and give praise to my God and i am DESTINED TO SERVE! #G.O.D #DTS ALL DAY! I love being a youth Leader and Worship Leader <3 <3 Follow Jesus, then me on twitter @lovelyarce and instagram @Robecksss_ ! I also have another blog that is not a personal one, more of a spiritual with my best friend, here's the link: stay blessed & highly favored! xoxo <333
We are a generation filled with the power of Christ!! 💢👊💢🙏🙌❤ #jesusculture #woodbridgeVA #Worship
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